Eligible Expenses

List of items covered under the Health Spending Account

You can use your HSA to cover expenses that are eligible medical expenses under the Income Tax Act (Canada) and that are not paid (or not paid in full) by any other private or government plan.

The eligibility of medical expenses is determined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). For more detailed information about each expense, please click here to visit the CRA website.

Please be aware that if you identify your expense in the list below, certain requirements may need to be met to submit a claim. These requirements could include having a prescription, a certificate from a medical practitioner, adherence to provincial restrictions, or completion of a T2201 Disability Tax Credit form.

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Common Health Expenses

Extensive Eligible Expense List

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Medical Devices and Treatment

Environmental and Home Care Products

Accessibility and Mobility Aids

Communication and Assistive Devices

Services and Support

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