Health & Wellness Spending Accounts (HSAs + WSAs)

A new approach to managing your employee benefits with flexible and cost-effective spending accounts.

Why Choose Us

Simplified Process

From onboarding to claims submission, at Wellbytes we believe in making any process as easy as possible. As a tech-driven company, we are able to build a minimal hands-on system which allows to focus on the user experience for both the employer and employee.


Our streamlined processes and automation enhance efficiency, ensuring scalable operations as the landscape grows. We’ve simplified SG&A to remain cost-effective while keeping our admin fee below the industry average.


Seamless integration with other healthcare systems, financial institutions, and employer platforms enhances interoperability and data exchange.

For Employees

How it Works

Seamless Steps to Submitting Your Claims Online

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Download Wellbytes

Receive an automated email from our system with your login information and link to get started.

User Enrollment Form

Complete registration in under 3 minutes with clear, step by step guidance for a fast onboarding experience.

Initiate Claim Submission

Effortlessly kickstart your claims process with just a few clicks, thanks to our intuitive design that ensures a prompt and efficient submission.

Upload Supporting Documents

Simplify submission with versatile options—choose from your gallery or capture live photos for quick and hassle-free processing.

Track and Receive Your Benefits!

Stay informed throughout the process, effortlessly monitor the progress of your benefits, and receive real-time updates for a stress-free and transparent experience.

Common Medical Expenses

100% Coverage On These HSA Eligible Claims





For Employers

How it Works

Onboard and Manage Your Benefits

Onboarding and Setup

Begin registration with the ‘Sign Up’ button above or ‘Contact Sales’ to learn more.

Account Setup

We work with you to customize your set up from payment type, employee class, fund rollovers, and much more.

Reports and Analytics

Keep track and stay informed with reports and analytic tools provided on the Wellbytes CRM.

Clear and Transparent

Receive monthly invoices as well as be able to calculate the exact amount you will be spending on your employees benefits for the year.

Dedicated Support

From a user-friendly app to a full support team, we ensure only the best experience for you and your employees.
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